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Great Places to Walk in Joburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

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As a parent trying to maintain an active lifestyle, while still getting some quality time in with baby, using the pram or stroller is a great way to kill two…

toddler table manners

5 Top Tips for Toddler Table Manners

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You’ve decided it’s time to introduce solids. You bought the ergonomically-designed high chair, have state of the art plasticware and matching spoons, plus a bib in every colour, in both…

prams vs strollers

Prams vs Strollers: A Dad’s Perspective

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I’m often asked what the difference is between a pram and a stroller. Well, not really, but I figured if I was going to dive headfirst into the empty swimming…

child fever

Child Fever: When is Hot, Too Hot?

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“My Child Has a Fever… When Should I Call the Doctor?” We’re all afraid of being that parent. You know the one: paranoid about every bump and bruise, secretly believing…